Thank You

I have been flattered and humbled by the supportive letters, emails, and texts that I have received over the last week. I have especially liked getting pictures and notes of Type 1 kids that tell me how my skiing inspires them. Reading these letters has made my disappointing performances easier to swallow. I have not […]

Winter Wonder Land

Much has been made of the “tropical” climate in Sochi, and wether or not there would be adequate snow to hold the games.  I am living in the Endurance Village right next to the XC ski venue, which is at 1500 meters of elevation.  I can safely say that there was no reason to worry […]

Opening and Closing ceremonies

Olympic Processing was a little less chaotic than than my previous three Olympic experiences. Athletes used to be issued shopping carts and funneled down corridors where vendors threw clothes and gear at you. This time around the process was much more calm and there was ample time to actually try things on and make sure […]

Excited for the Olympics!

The last two weeks have been very busy.  I have been training hard and making preparations to travel back to Europe for a World Cup in Toblach Italy before flying to Sochi on February 3rd.  Yesterday I flew to Munich and then drove to Italy.  This morning I skied to the high point of the […]

Tough Racing

First off I have to give a big congratulations to Sylvan Eleffson on his Nationals win in the 30k skate today. He put his head down at 20k and opened up a 10 second gap on me that I was never able to close. It got as big as 23 and finished at 16 seconds. […]


When things don’t go your way in a xc race it is hard to determine exactly what the problems are. There are the usual waxing disparities and varying pacing strategies as well as countless different methods of training and preparation. Wading through those variables to find the best way to maximize your body’s potential is […]

Not my best

Lap 1 split 1st, lap 2 split 1st, lap 3 split 14th = 3rd place at US National 15k classic.


After taking some easy days at home I ramped up the intensity in my training and cut the volume way down. I have had very good short term improvement in my performance using this method in the past. With a little over a month to the Olympics it is time to start getting the most […]

Take the hits in stride

I have been doing this sport long enough now to know that things don’t always go your way.  I was expecting better results over the last month but I had not real goals but to get stronger throughout period one.  My racing sensations have improved.  I am not skiing at the level that I know […]

Europa Cup

Yesterday I raced a 15k classic in Lillehammer Norway. I had high hopes for the race as the event and this particular course played to my strengths. I made a poor choice on skis though. I went on a pair that has always been extremely easy to kick on because of its uniquely low pocket. […]