Waterville Valley Pond Skimming

Over the Weekend I participated in my first ever pond skimming event at Waterville Valley.  I was asked to judge the event alongside mogul skier Hannah Kearney.

Pond Skim 2


After watching about 30 spectacular wipeouts and a handful of successful crossings it was my turn to make an attempt.  I don’t own any traditional alpine equipment so I used my telemark skis.  Use this link to see the video.


Afterwards my parents and I took a picture with the Executive Chief of Waterville Valley, Chris Sununu.  He has been a great supporter of me.

Pond Skim 1


Chris came up a few meters short in his skimming attempt but didn’t seem to mind to much.

This weekend I am flying to the JDRF Indiana Promise Ball Fundraiser to benefit Type 1 diabetes research.  My girlfriend Amber is coming with me and it should be a lot of fun.


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