Busy July

In late June I wrapped up my first training camp in Maine with a 5k running race. I broke 16:00 for the first time since the year 2004 with a 15:53. Not blazing fast but still a good indication that things are going well.

Finish Line

Since then my summer has gotten very busy. Over the past eight years I have been visiting summer camps for kids with diabetes all around the country. I share the story of my diagnosis and career with them in the hopes that they will not let the disease deter them from their dreams and goals in life. I find the advocacy work very rewarding so I planned to visit 10 camps over course of five weeks. I planned the disruption into my training in the Spring so I have only scheduled 75 training hours for July.

I am not allowed to post pictures of the campers so the two pictures below are of me at Camp Jack in Road Island and playing dodgeball in New Mexico.



It has been very hot and humid in New Hampshire but I love training here. The beauty of the landscape here never gets old. My last three days of training have been as follows.

2 hour run/2 hour double pole
1.5 hour no pole skate/2.5 run on Welch and Dickey Mountains
6 hour road bike for 120 miles

The over distance road bike will be my second to last ride of this length. I am transitioning to more specific training. Below is a picture of Wyatt taking advantage of a stream on the Welch and Dickey trail.


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