Breaking out of the loop

Well, after my arduous travel from Finland to Norway I was tempted to take my last post down. I don’t like to appear vulnerable but the trip I wrote about clearly illustrated my liabilities. My diabetes can throw me a curve ball at any time. I either have to roll with the punches or fall […]


Sometimes planning just doesn’t work out. After finishing the Ruka Triple World Cup in Kuusamo Finland on Sunday, I spent all of Monday in Rovaenemi to let myself recover and make sure that my blood sugar stabilized before flying today. I woke up with my glucose at a perfect 110 and ate breakfast. It stayed […]

My New Webpage

I have started a new webpage and I promise to update it at least once a week. I had a slow start to the season this past weekend. This coming week I will be consulting with my doctor and coaches about how to adjust for the rest of the season. I am leaning towards a […]

Ride Aroostook

This Weekend I drove back up to Presque Isle Maine to take part in the Ride Aroostook bike tour which benefits the children’s diabetes program “Camp Adventure.” I have worked with this camp on two occasions, going for a downriver canoe and participating in a run and shoot biathlon relay race. I was impressed with […]

Top Notch Triathlon

I raced the Top Notch Triathlon in Franconia NH this morning. The unique race starts with a six mile uphill Mt Bike. This is followed with a half mile swim across Echo lake to the base of Cannon Mt. The last leg is a run/scramble up the alpine trails to the summit. I set the course […]

Busy July

In late June I wrapped up my first training camp in Maine with a 5k running race. I broke 16:00 for the first time since the year 2004 with a 15:53. Not blazing fast but still a good indication that things are going well. Since then my summer has gotten very busy. Over the past […]

Toughman Workout

Every summer I like to come up with at least one “Toughman workout.” My definition of of a “Toughman” is a workout that is so extremely hard and difficult that it is of questionable training value. However these workouts do have the clear benefit of making nearly all other workouts seem easy in comparison. In […]

Off Day?

Today was supposed to be an easy off day for Hoff and I. However there is a severe lack of stimuli in our isolated lodge, so we convinced each other that going for a crust cruise was a good idea. We headed out to climb the mountain that dominates our view every morning at breakfast. […]

PPP Coverage

The Pole Peddle Paddle is definitely a big deal in Bend. The race took up the first page of the sports section for three days in a row and claimed space on the Front Page the day after the race. There were also two news broadcasts in the evening. I enjoyed competing in […]


Racing with diabetes presents many challenges but simply living on the road can be difficult as well. It is well documented that I had some severe low blood sugar while I was racing last year but to compound that I was also having low sugar while at rest. It was not uncommon for me to […]